12 May 2007

For Audiophiles

Here’ a handy form you can fill out when dealing with magically-thinking audiophiles:

All these questions about the possibility of interference to the SB3 from stoves, microwave ovens, cell phones, vibrating toys, etc., has me wondering if it is possible for the titanium implant and porcelain crown in my skull to cause interference that would affect the sound of my SB3. I mean, maybe the saliva in my mouth, the electrolyte that is my blood, and the titanium metal and mercury-amalgam fillings could set up a sort of battery and the current could generate a magnetic field.

Any ideas if this is something I should worry about?

You claim that an

( ) audible
( ) measurable
(X) hypothetical

improvement in sound quality can be attained by:

( ) upsampling
( ) increasing word size
( ) vibration dampening
( ) bi-wiring
( ) replacing the external power supply
( ) using a different lossless format
( ) decompressing on the server
(X) removing bits of metal from skull
( ) using ethernet instead of wireless

09 May 2007

Vernon Reid Eases the Pain

Here are some videos of a jam with Vernon Reid, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, and Calvin Weston on drums. Thanks Al!

Part 2: