22 October 2006

Ivo Papasov and His Wedding Band

I don't know what weddings (at first I typed "weedings") are like in Bulgaria, but yow. Brian, who first introduced me to Ivo (not to be confused with the Steve Vai guitar of the same name, although perhaps not surprisingly, Vai is a Papasov fan), also sent me this link to an Ivo Papasov video. Prepare to have your noodles amazed!

Gleefully note that the guitarist appears to be playing an Ibanez Roadstar, which was a fantastic yet weirdly affordable guitar. Real Guitars in San Francisco had three nice ones in stock when I was there last weekend. (Typically useless Harmony Central review; see also the Ibanez Register)

Remember Arcwelder? They played Roadstars sometimes. Pretty, grimy winter dirges. The snow gets filthy in Minneapolis, after one day of niceness.

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