29 November 2006

Julie Steinberg Plays John Cage in San Francisco

At the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, this coming Monday (4 Dec):

Fresh from her guest appearance at Tanglewood, pianist Julie Steinberg takes on John Cage's complete Sonatas and Interludes. In this masterpiece, Cage transformed the piano into a percussion orchestra by inserting carefully chosen objects between the strings. The concert provides a rare opportunity to hear Steinberg, a leading interpreter of Cage's music, performing one of his most engrossing pieces. In sonic contrast, Chaya Czernowin fashions, in her Winter Songs, an arresting, low-voiced plaint for winds, brass, strings and percussion. David Milnes, Music Director.


  1. Anonymous22:55

    COOL! Wish I could. Tell us, how was it???


  2. Idiotically, I didn't make it! I ended up doing work instead.