28 January 2007

Morrissey Ruined My Life; Is Deemed "?questionable?"

The Institute for Unpopular Culture is showing the work of abstract painter Sean Starr in an exhibit called "Morrissey Ruined My Life". It's this coming Saturday, 3 Feb, at Workspace Limited, 2150 Folsom Street in San Francisco.

On February 3rd, 2007 Sean will demonstrate the effect of Morrissey on his life by painting a massive canvas on a stage in the gallery, recreating his private studio atmosphere. A selection of Sean's favorite Smiths and Morrissey songs will be playing while he paints. Dozens of other paintings will be on display throughout the gallery, most titled after Smiths and Morrissey songs.

Starr considers Morrissey "the world's greatest living poet"...

Al notes this paranoid Christian web site which has a list of must-hear musicians, including "Morrissey (?questionable)", "Merzbau" (sic) and "Ted Nugent (loincloth)".

Drugs are bad, mmkay...

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