04 April 2007

Sage Advice From Dick Dale: Run Screaming From Record Companies

In this interview, the legendary Dick Dale tells it like it is, Steve Albini-style.

Don’t sign with a label, don’t sign with a record company; because the minute you sign you will lose all the rights to your music. And you will never see a dime. Build up your following by continuously playing; save up your money and record your own stuff on your own CDs, and learn to market yourself.

He goes on to explain the Ani Difranco business plan quite persuasively. “And that’s the reason why the system hates Dick Dale.”

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  1. I pulled this version of the Dick dale interview because people were posting it and failing to give me credit for my creation. Is it too much to ask, to properly give credit
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  2. Anyone who followed the link to YouTube would find that it was posted by you, because anyone can always follow the link from the video page to your profile page. What more credit do you want? It’s not like you’re Dick Dale.