25 September 2007

“I’ll work me some jazz riffage around this punk shit”

I saw the reunited Bad Brains last night at Slim’s. Not bad, but not as good as they used to be (HR was just plain goofing around). But here’s a great interview with bassist Darryl Jenifer.
Well to me, when I first heard punk rock, being a dude that was open-minded and into Return to Forever, the first thing I thought was, “If the Ramones think they’re playing fast, and if they think that they’re playing some hot shit, watch this shit that I'm going to rip, listen to this riff that I’m going to make and how fast I play this shit ’cause I got Return to Forever that I’ve been feeling that’s really technical,” and I thought, “I’ll work me some jazz riffage around this punk shit.”

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