27 November 2007

I Think I’m Going to Pee Myself: Somebody Finally Got It Right

Remember when you first got on the Internet and immediately thought to yourself, “This is the ideal way to distribute information goods!” Me, too. Like, say, music. For me, that was 1994 — better late than never.

Musicians are starting to get it: hooking up with techies, getting sufficiently pissed at the bloated goats running the music industry, and doing something about it.

Perhaps not surprisingly, master songwriter Kristin Hersh is one of them. She’s started the Coalition for Artists and Stakeholders, a web site where artists can release music and music lovers can pay for it, download it, and remix it. And there’s no MAFIAA numbnuts taking a cut, either.

Kristin kicks it off at her CASH Music site with ass-kickin’ style: MP3s in two bitrates, lyric sheets, ProTools stem files! so you can remix the song, and artwork. It’s all Creative Commons-licensed and available via HTTP and BitTorrent downloads. The convenient PayPal form is right there, too.

We could have had this in 1994, but it’s better late than never.

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